2/22 Deion Sanders, Watson to Broncos?, Cam Newton disrespect, Ohio St vs Michigan, Derrick Lewis

  • 2:30 – shoutout from Chris & congrats to Patrick Mahomes!
  • 12:43 – Deion Sanders stuff gets stolen from locker room during debut as Jackson St head coach… but JSU says it wasn’t?
  • 25:37 – Denver Broncos are the betting favorite to land Deshaun Watson
  • 34:11 – disrespect: Cam Newton vs teenager at 7v7 camp, and an Oklahoma football players gets destroyed in a bathroom by an MMA dude
  • 48:57 – Michigan beats Ohio St in basketball, and Juwan Howard is who Wolverine fans wanted Jim Harbaugh to be
  • 55:48 – UFC: Derrick Lewis knocks out Curtis Blaydes Saturday night and was the biggest upset winner in 5+ years (+400!)

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