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Best College Football Podcasts for 2020

Let’s be honest here.

I’m going to start off with our own podcast here, but I’m not going to include it in the Top 15 rankings.  You’re already on the website, so I’m hopeful that you’re going to give us a listen anyway.

After that, we’ll go through my Top 15 podcasts (in no particular order) that I listen to nearly every week, whether I’m sitting at my desk working, driving around the city, or just at the house doing dishes, laundry, etc.

Comment below, or hit us up on twitter, and let us know which ones you would recommend!

Winning Cures Everything

@WinningCures  |  @GaryWCE  |  @ChrisBGiannini

Of course we’re going to start off with our own podcast.  During the offseason, it’s anything goes, but still with a focus on football… and we spend the most time discussing College Football throughout the entire year.  Chris is an LSU fan, I’m an Alabama fan, and we find a way to make that relationship work.  We’ve been friends since elementary school, and we discuss gambling odds & picks, we give previews, talk about the latest topics, and much much more.  This season, we’ll be providing CFB content for Sportsbook Review… but we’ll talk more about that over the next month or so.

The Cover 3 Podcast

@Chip_Patterson | @TomFornelli | @BartonSimmons

Chip, Barton, and Tom are a refreshing trio that bring all different views of the college football universe.  Their insight is 2nd to none, and you’ll be sure to love their weekly locks during the season, among other fun bits.  This may be the best college football podcast out there.

The Late Kick with Josh Pate


Josh started Late Kick as just a live YouTube show a couple of times a week, but was recently picked up by 247Sports, and you get 3 podcasts a week from him now.  A seasoned broadcasting vet, he talks only College Football, and intelligently answers nearly every single mailbag question he receives.

Barton & Bud

@BartonSimmons | @BudElliott3

Barton and Bud are both knee deep in the recruiting rankings at 247Sports, and this podcast is a dive into the middle of what goes on in their offices, and hits on a variety of topics involving player rankings, team rankings, and more throughout the season and off-season.  A worthy, fascinating listen.

Yahoo Sports College Podcast

@DanWetzel | @ByPatForde | @PeteThamel

This is a college sports podcast, but it still centers on college football, along with humorous stories not related to sports each week, including Chicken Sandwich Wars, and more.  They have contacts everywhere, and help explain the underbelly of college sports and more.

Unnecessary Roughness

@BWalkerSEC | @KayceSmith | @JackMacCFB

You’re not gonna find any expertise or deep dives into schemes or rosters here.  This is the perfect College Football podcast for Barstool Sports.  These are conversations you’d have at the bar or with your buddies, hitting on hot topics, weekly picks, hating on teams and coaches, and more.  This is the humorous fun side of CFB.

The Solid Verbal

@TyHildenbrandt | @DanRubenstein

The longest running college football podcast out there, and it continues year round.  Ty and Dan have built up a massive following with their deep dives, previews, interviews with coaches, media members, etc, their fantasy drafts before the season, traveling live shows, and more.  A classic, and still refreshing.

The Audible

@SLMandel | @BruceFeldmanCFB

Stew and Bruce have been covering college football for as long as I can remember, and this podcast has been out for a few years.  They get into the serious details about the sport, as both have tons of contacts throughout the sport.  They give insight that you can’t get elsewhere, and they have multiple guests.

Saturday Down South Podcast

@CJOGara | @VerneFUNquist

This is an SEC podcast, but Connor and Chris are great at creating content.  The show does all the normal hot topic dives you would expect, and also does special features, including rewatches of past SEC games, rankings of different things around the sport, and plenty of interviews, although the two’s chemistry doesn’t need help.  Great listen.

The AP Top 25 Podcast


Ralph has been covering College Football forever, and he heads up the AP College Football Top 25 rankings.  He has a multitude of different guests, hits on all the hot button topics you would expect, does deep dives into the rankings… and closes every show with a 3-and-out.  A weekly podcast worth a listen.

CFB Winning Edge


A new one that I just recently started listening to, but this is a deep dive into the analytical side of the sport with Scott Bogman, Nick Allen (the owner), and Xavier Triche.  Player ratings, coach ratings, team ratings, strength of schedule, talent ratings, and more, along with explanations for everything.  A great listen if you want to get into the true stats!

West Lot Pirates


Our best buddies in this podcasting universe.  This is primarily a Northwestern sports podcast, but Sam, John and Scuzz focus on football, along with a longer look at the Big 10 as a whole.  The guys preview every team on Northwestern’s schedule, and preview / recap each week.  This is a long running show, and their chemistry is unmatched.

Hardcore College Football


New to the list – Cory does a great job with his Patreon, YouTube, and with this podcast, including deep dives and discussions around topics like the ingredients for making a college football playoff team, conference realignment & history, future storylines, conspiracies, NFL draft coverage, greatest games never played & more!

The Andy Staples Show


Andy discusses all the major topics that arise within the sport, and this podcast started when he joined The Athletic not too long ago.  Along with great guests, Andy also discusses the best food around the sport, including restaurants and dishes in college towns, and he provides humorous commentary that could only come from a seasoned vet.

The College Football Daily


There have been multiple hosts of this podcast, but Trey Scott has done a great job providing a quick 15-ish minute daily podcast that lets you know exactly what is happening in the sport, bringing in the most knowledgeable guests on the topics you need to know about.  Incredibly informative.

This Week in College Football


Hosted by the owner of one of the bigger / most fun twitter accounts in the CFB universe, this is always an interesting listen.  Whether it’s interviews with big time recruits (most recently 5* JC Latham), reactions to coach firings / hirings, previews & weekly recaps, and more, it’s worth hitting subscribe.

The ESPN College Football Podcast

@KNegandhiESPN | @KirkHerbstreit | @davidpollack47

The most studio college football podcast out there, but still a great listen once or twice a week, especially during the season, to follow the major storylines and listen to Herbie & Pollack’s opinions on what’s going on in the sport.