Chris Fallica, from ESPN’s College Gameday and the Behind the Bets podcast, joins Gary to talk some college football. You can follow him on twitter @chrisfallica.

– when is Chris coming to Mississippi to check out the new sportsbooks down in Tunica?

– Was there a concerted effort to get back to a campus location as opposed to one of the many neutral site locations for week one, or did the schedule just work out that way?

– the opening line over the summer for Notre Dame vs Michigan was Notre Dame -6 or -7. It’s now Michigan -3. Is this normal for an opening line to move that much?

– What brought on last year’s trip to Times Square in NY, and would he imagine College Gameday will be doing more shows from non-game sites in the future?

– Does ESPN have a list of games already for the entire season that you’re watching closely for College Gameday to possibly visit each season?

– Who are some teams, outside of the major favorites, that people need to pay attention to in the playoff race?

– Who is our Group of 5 team that’s going to make a New Year’s 6 bowl?

– The Bear has season win totals he loves.

– How much of an impact does Urban Meyer’s situation at Ohio St impact their win total, national title and Big 10 championship odds, and just game lines in general?

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