Wednesday’s episode welcomes in Tom Schad (@tom_schad), the Memphis Tiger football reporter for the Commerical Appeal, and the host of the Tiger Football Podcast.

We hit on these topics:

(1:11) Where Tom was before he came to Memphis, and how he got started in sports writing.

(2:26) Was he surprised that Memphis didn’t get a single AP Poll vote?

(3:19) This season’s success hinges on the offense clicking early. Are there any chinks in the armor that he’s seen so far?

(5:55) How is Jackson Dillon progressing after last season’s injury, and how much can the defense improve over last year?

(9:40) With there being talk about Mike Norvell’s next job, even before we start his 2nd season, what is the university’s contingency plan for the football program if they keep losing great young coaches?

(12:54) Paxton Lynch lost the starting job with the Broncos again. Should Memphis fans be worried that their former star QB could be a bust?

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