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Gary and Chris jump into some college football over/under total season wins for Hot Seat Coaches on Wednesday’s podcast. We go through the following teams:

[1:08] Notre Dame (total 7.5)

[5:05] Texas A&M (total 7)

[7:30] UCLA (total 7.5)

[10:45] Arkansas (total 6.5)

[13:18] Tennessee (total 7.5)

[15:55] Auburn (total 8.5) – Chris absolutely lays into Gary ([18:00]) for saying Ole Miss could possibly beat Auburn. You don’t want to miss this…

[25:19] Texas Tech (total 5.5)

[29:42] Florida Atlantic (total 4.5) (no, Lane Kiffin is not on the hot seat, but it’s an interesting total anyway)

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