It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for the College Football Week 7 recap. Chris & Gary had a full hour college football recap… and then Gary’s audio files corrupted while he was editing the podcast, so he had to re-record the entire thing without Chris.

Here is what the show jumps into today:

– Ole Miss settled Houston Nutt’s lawsuit against them

– Gary’s College Football Top 10

– The Biggest Upsets of the CFB weekend
– Syracuse 27 / Clemson 24
– Cal 37 / Washington St 3
– Arizona St 13 / Washington 7

– The Biggest Games we picked for the weekend
– Oklahoma 29 / Texas 24
– Miami 25 / Georgia Tech 24
– TCU 26 / Kansas St 6
– LSU 27 / Auburn 23
– Memphis 30 / Navy 27
– Texas A&M 19 / Florida 17

– the Coaches on the Hot Seat right now

– the Hottest Coaches looking to move up right now

– the Heisman Top 5 (or 6)

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