– Gary Segars (twitter: @proseveregary)

Darren Rovell is a sports business analyst for ESPN.  He basically lives on twitter, and is constantly posting what foods are available at which stadiums (which I rather enjoy seeing), and comments on basically everything that has to do with the business of sports.

But last night, he tried to take a jab at the Salvation Army, and it flopped.


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Rovell has gone back and forth with several people on twitter (most notably Mark Cuban), but what on Earth could cause somebody to take shots at the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is an international charitable organization that helps provide meals and other things to needy people.  I guarantee you’ve seen the Santas out ringing a bell asking for donations outside Walmart.

During the Cowboys / Bucs game last night, Zeke Elliot scored a touchdown and ran and jumped into the Salvation Army’s signature red kettle that was located behind the end zone.

And the Salvation Army jumped all over the moment.

and then followed it up with another tweet to Zeke.

Doesn’t seem that bad, right?  Actually, it’s a great way to use the publicity to get as many people interested in helping as possible.

Rovell apparently didn’t like how they used their spotlight.  And the Salvation Army’s response was awesome.

 Everyone with ESPN tries to blow stories up that really aren’t stories.  It’s happening all the time because they need people interested in what they’re saying, whether it’s complete crap or not.  ESPN has no original programming worth watching (other than Scott Van Pelt and the midnight Sportscenter show), and they’re losing subscribers left and right.

Not sure how this is going to help ESPN, but Rovell did a good job of bringing a little negative publicity to the network by jabbing at a charity organization trying to help out needy people. Congrats, and Merry Christmas, you lousy bum.


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