New Football Rankings Show Change in Control

The 2018 NFL season has gotten off to a very fast start. So far through the season, it is becoming very clear that there are some teams that are poised to make a big run into the post-season while there are others that will be lucky to win more than a handful of games. Through the first five weeks
of the season, the NFL power rankings show just who is at the top and who is at the bottom.

Overall, the New England Patriots continue to be the number one team in the NFL power rankings.  While the Patriots have a record of just three wins against two losses, there is plenty of reason for optimism with the team. The Patriots started the season with hardly any help at the wide receiver
position, but they now appear to have fixed the issue. Now that the Pats have a sold group of receivers, they appear ready to take the next step forward.

Also at the top of the league are the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams. Both the Rams and the Chiefs are 5-0 and have looked nothing short of dominant at times. While the Patriots are ranked higher, there are still many people that feel the Rams and Chiefs will ultimately make it to the Super Bowl.

While there were a lot of people that thought the Rams, Chiefs, and Patriots would be among the top teams in the league, there are still some very surprising teams that have done quite well so far. One of the most pleasant surprises so far this season has been the Chicago Bears. After spending the last few years towards the bottom of the power rankings, the Bears now boast one of the top defenses in the league and are considered to be a top ten team as they have a record of three wins against just one loss.

Another very surprising team in the league are the Cleveland Browns. After winning just one game the last two seasons, the Browns are suddenly in the thick of things in their division. With a record of 2-2-1, the Browns are considered among the top half of teams in the league. They also have some very good momentum that could help to carry them until later in the season. Because of this, the current power rankings have the Browns ranked in the top half of the league and the second-best spot in their

While there have been some very good surprises for teams in the league, there have also been some teams that have done worse than most would have thought. Heading into the season, many people thought that the San Francisco 49ers would be one of the better teams in the league. Unfortunately, the team ended up losing starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for the season due to injury. Because of the injury, the 49ers have not been able to move the ball and they are now considered the worst
team in the league.

Another team that is located near the bottom of the power rankings are the Arizona Cardinals. Most people expected that the Cardinals would be considered one of the worst teams in the league, but they have been worse than expected. The Cardinals have ended up removing Sam Bradford from the starting quarterback role and replaced him with Josh Rosen. While Rosen has shown some signs of promise, it is now clear that he and the team will have to wait until next year to compete. However, fans should have some reason for optimism with the future of the team in good hands.