Podcast 109 with Ryan Nanni from SBNation & The Shutdown Fullcast, John Lacombe from WestLotPirates.com!

Tuesday’s show starts out with a story about Gary’s air conditioning going out before the guys discuss how ridiculous Greg Schiano’s statement is about his Ohio St defensive line being better than the lines he had in the NFL, and the guys touch on the ratings for the Thursday night preseason NFL game last week between the Cowboys and the Cardinals.

Ryan Nanni (9:33), @celebrityhottub on twitter and writer/podcaster for SBNation and the Shutdown Fullcast, then joins the show to talk all things college football, including how Ryan got his start at EDSBS with Spencer Hall, what he thought about the Hugh Freeze situation at Ole Miss, rapid fire first thoughts on different topics, his hatred for Texas A&M, and more.

From there, John Lacombe (40:43) from Northwestern website and podcast WestLotPirates.com joins to discuss his article about Hugh Freeze’s whereabouts at the time of the infamous escort call, along with a Georgia professor who is allowing students to change their grades to whatever they want, Northwestern’s chances in the Big 10 this year, and the Big 10 conference as a whole.

Finally, Gary and Chris (1:08:06) close out the show by discussing Jay Cutler’s signing with the Dolphins (and the Dr who tweeted about Tannehill’s diagnosis from last week), Christian Hackenberg getting kicked out of Jets practice, Vince Wilfork’s amazing retirement video, and the new information about a possible settlement in the Houston Nutt lawsuit against Ole Miss.

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