On the Tuesday, Sept 5th show, Gary and Chris recap the 3 college football games from Sunday and Monday, and they welcome in Zach Myers, guitar player for the band Shinedown. Follow him on Twitter @zmyersofficial.

01:00 Tennessee vs Georgia Tech

04:14 Texas A&M vs UCLA

13:09 Virginia Tech vs West Virginia

17:35 Zach Myers (Shinedown) interview

18:27 Which NFL team is Zach most excited about this season?

20:45 Zach’s an LSU fan – what did he make of the win over BYU and about Coach O long-term in Baton Rouge?

22:30 Zach’s opinion on what happened with Texas A&M vs UCLAS

24:08 How many guys on the road are as big into sports as Zach, and how do they keep up with sports while they’re touring?

28:29 Zach’s a big time Memphis Grizzlies fan – how does he feel about them not offering Tony Allen? And he gets into what it’s like to be so close to some of the players that end up being traded (including a first hand account of the night Quincy Pondexter was traded from the Grizzlies).

34:35 Finally, Zach gives some NFL guarantees on who will make the playoffs, and talks about what he’s expecting out of this college football season.

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