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On Wednesday’s show, Gary brings in friend Gary Parrish from CBS Sports and ESPN 92.9 FM. Honestly, this may be our most interesting and entertaining podcast to date.

Gary talks to GP about the following topics:

– Who’s in charge of the Memphis Grizzlies championship parade?
– Does it matter if the team keeps missing on 1st round draft picks is they keep hitting on guys like Dillon Brooks?

– Will Mike Leach’s recent campaign against Texas Tech, along with his hiring private investigators to dig into TTU administrators private lives, hurt him if he ever plans on moving to a bigger job than Washington St?

– How has Memphis football been able to win games with this patchwork defense, and can they win out against this remaining schedule?
– True or False: Mike Norvell is the Memphis head coach in 2018.

– Why does CBS schedule the games that they do? (Gary provides a great story about how Big 10 basketball is scheduled between CBS, ESPN, and the Big 10 Network.)

– GP tells how he broke the Albert Means pay-for-play scandal – including an incredible story about parties in LA withJason D. Williams, Lisa Marie & Priscilla Presley, an evening in the owner’s box with Jerry Jones at the Cowboys / Titans Monday Night Football game on Christmas Day, another LA party for some big hollywood producer, and how heartbreak and depression led to a lucky phone call about a message board rumor, and how perfect timing led to the breaking of the story.

– From there, Gary explains how that story led to a job offer from the New York Daily News, the Memphis Tigers beat writer job at the Commercial Appeal, and how he ended up at CBS as the National College Basketball writer.

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