Podcast 187: 01.17.18 / Dr. David Ridpath, Chris’s trip to Vegas, Hugh Freeze to Alabama, NFL Playoffs, etc

Chris and Gary jump in on Wed, Jan 17th to hit on a slew of different topics:

– Dr. David Ridpath joins the show. He is an associate professor of sport management at Ohio University, and he’s the President of the Drake Group, which was put together to help end academic corruption in college sports. You can follow him on twitter @drridpath. We talk academic corruption in sports (the North Carolina & Ole Miss cases), the possibility of a new NCAA transfer rule, the money behind the college football playoff, paying FBS athletes, and more.

– Chris’s upcoming trip to Las Vegas

– the possibility of Hugh Freeze joining the staff at Alabama, and whether or not the SEC should be stepping in to block it, along with the ridiculousness of analyst roles in college sports

– Kevin Sumlin hired at Arizona

– Memphis has a new graduate transfer quarterback

– Tubby Smith and the Memphis Tigers beat UConn Tuesday night 73-49 to win 4 straight games

– The College Football Playoff Selection Committee has 6 new members, including a new chairperson

– And we break down the 2 NFL conference championship games this weekend

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