Chris and Gary dive into a football heavy Sunday night show, discussing the following:

– The duo rant on grocery store online ordering and pickup… can it really be that hard of a job?

– This is the XFL… again. Is there a market for this? The guys dig into what to make of Vince McMahon’s new league announcement.

– The NCAA has sent a Letter of Inquiry to UConn regarding men’s basketball… what does this mean for coach Kevin Ollie?

– Michigan St’s athletic department is under fire for sexual assault allegations, and football coach Mark Dantonio and legendary basketball coach Tom Izzo may be on their way out

– The Senior Bowl was this weekend – the guys discuss Wyoming QB as the possible #1 pick, Baker Mayfield, and UCF’s one-handed safety Shaq Griffin winning practice player of the week in Mobile, but not being invited to the NFL combine


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