Gary and Chris are back, discussing whether or not it’s odd to have women actually move for the men early in marriages and then moving on to the NBA Playoffs.

The guys discuss the Celtics / Wizards game 7 and some epic performances that actually gave us a good game in the semifinals.  From there, they move to the Spurs / Warriors series opener from Sunday and debate whether or not “the play” was dirty, what Kawhi being out means for the Spurs, their collapse in the 2nd half, and more.

Lane Kiffin offered a scholarship to a 7th grade QB, leading Gary and Chris to debate whether there should be NCAA rules against talking to kids before they reach a certain point, using David Sills (another 7th grade QB offered a scholarship to USC) as an example of the unreal expectations and pressure it puts kids under.

After that, it’s time for High Fives & Handgrenades.  This week’s topics:
– Antonio Cromartie has a vasectomy… but his wife is pregnant with their 14th (!) child.  We have questions…
– Eddie Lacy just made a $55k bonus for weighing in at less than 255 lbs for the Seahawks.  Has anybody else in the league had their weight talked about this much?
– MSNBC is now a presenting sponsor on Sportscenter.  How odd is this?  And why would ESPN allow that talk to happen after denying their left-wing bias for so long?

Finally… the Cubs have started out this season incredibly slow.  Chris lays out why they’re not doing so well, the issues that cause great teams to start losing quickly in Major League Baseball, and what he would do, as a GM, to ensure you’ve got a team that can win.


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