The South’s most entertaining college football podcast!  Winning Cures Everything: Episode 95 – Bruse Loyd – attorney for Barney Farrar – joins us, Tim Tebow gets mocked, Celtics / 76ers draft trade, Paul George leaving Pacers, and more!

Gary and Chris kick things off on Tuesday’s show by discussing Tim Tebow being savagely mocked during a minor league weekend series in Charleston, and hit on whether or not the lack of professionalism turns you off of what this minor league team is doing.

From there, the duo bring in Bruse Loyd, attorney for Barney Farrar, former Ole Miss assistant athletic director for high school and junior college relations. The group hit on the Ole Miss vs NCAA case, and Barney’s fight against the NCAA allegations, including going into detail on the Rebel Rags civil suit and the sanctions handed down to Louisville last week and what that could mean for Ole Miss and Barney Farrar.  Check out a preview here: Bruse Loyd, Farrar’s attorney,  on Louisville, Rebel Rags & more

After that discussion, Gary and Chris dive into some NBA talk, breaking down the results from the Celtics / 76ers trade for the #1 NBA draft pick and what that could mean for the future, and Paul George relaying to the Pacers that he’s not coming back after next season, and where he could end up.

Finally, the guys close down the show by discussing Jesse Palmer’s new contract with ESPN and who could possibly be replacing him as analyst in the SEC Network booth, and Chris closes out with a formal apology to the Gruden family.



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