Podcast 96: Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Podcast 96: NBA Draft recap, Poop Doping (yes, it's real), Rebel Rags, Mizzou player stops interviews, Saban vs Kiffin, Keyshawn Johnson

College Football Podcast

Podcast 96: NBA Draft recap, Poop Doping (yes, it’s real), Rebel Rags, Mizzou player stops interviews, Saban vs Kiffin, Keyshawn Johnson

Gary and Chris kick off Friday’s show by talking about the awesomeness of the new Game of Thrones trailer, and then the two get into a serious conversation about a Washington Post article about a cyclist who is “poop-doping.” Yes, “poop” doping. It’s just as crazy as it sounds.

From there, the two break down a little bit of the NBA draft, first discussing De’Aaron Fox’s dad going after Lavar Ball, and then jumping into some of the winners and losers from the first round, discussing why Malik Monk fell so far, and they discuss the Jimmy Butler trade to Minnesota.

The guys discuss the Rebel Rags case against the 2 Mississippi State football players, and go over reality vs perception, along with how much college apparel actually costs nowadays.

Finally, the guys get into some college football talk – going over Missouri DE Marcell Frazier’s decision to not grant interviews to local media this year, a new book that laid out why Nick Saban went crazy on the sideline at Lane Kiffin earlier this season, and Keyshawn Johnson’s role as the father of a big-time recruit at Nebraska and him keeping the kid off the football team this season.


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