Gary and Chris start out with “a case of the Mondays” ([0:37]), the WCE College Football Top 10 ([1:28]), Big 12 decided not to expand and what that means for the conference (and the idea of four 16 team super conferences)([4:12]), Tennessee’s Defensive Coordinator blamed the referees for their loss to Alabama, and the numbers for Alabama’s defense are other-worldly ([11:06]), LSU’s yards per play under Ed Orgeron is #2 in country and was #70 under Les Miles([15:49]), and should the Cowboys jump from Dak Prescott to Tony Romo? ([17:08])

Target has decided to pull scary clown masks from their shelves, so the guys discuss the pussification of America([24:24]), Mike Gundy thinks today’s CFB parity comes from kids being on their cell phones ([30:37]), the CFB Playoff rankings come out in 2 weeks and Chris and Gary try to figure out who’s ranked lower than 10 that could get into the playoff ([33:03]). The NFL Recap before the Monday Night game ([37:02]), Cowboys looks great ([37:09]), we may have crowned Carson Wentz too soon ([38:11]), Panthers look terrible ([38:45]), Titans are rolling at 3-3 and are favorites over the Colts for the first time in forever([40:48]), Tom Brady is the GOAT([41:50]), and the Steelers lose Roethlisberger and Gary has to deal with Landry Jones as his starting QB([45:19]).

LIVE on #Periscope: WCE #20: Big 12, WCE Top 10, Dak vs Romo, Target removing clown masks, and more!

— Gary Segars (@proseveregary) October 17, 2016

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