Gary holds down the fort while Chris is in Nashville at the Garth Brooks concert, opening with the WCE Top 10 list, then moving on to discuss the threat of an ass-beating by a reverend against Alabama beat writer Michael Casagrande, why you can’t force rivalry games (like UConn/UCF) because sometimes they’ll just forget the trophy, why it doesn’t matter what they do, sometimes rivalry names will never change (like UGA/UF and the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party), why in the world is Baylor ranked above West Virginia, why it appears that Tom Hermann to Texas is already a done deal (and how that can cause a team to tank), Romo’s comeback has been pushed back even further (and why I think it’s a setup), and why I believe they need to change the overtime rules in the NFL after watching that dreadful Cardinals / Seahawks game last night.

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— Gary Segars (@proseveregary) October 24, 2016

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