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  • Always Entertaining Usually Profitable
    by JCMoMan from United States

    Pat Mayo and guests spew great content and sometimes are laugh out loud funny. The podcast gives my JCMOman DK a leg up on competition. Thanks!!

  • Best show out
    by winning cures everything from United States

    Chris and Gary are great at what they do. They’re views on games and picks are always taken into account and love listening every week. Reached out to them recently and they answered quickly and were super friendly seem like very down to earth guys and they always deliver solid content

  • Great Football Minds!
    by TJLee18 from United States

    Gary and Chris do a great job with the show! I discovered their show on YouTube over the summer and now I’m a regular viewer/listener of the podcast! I really dig their college football shows especially when they cover the B1G.

  • Great show
    by CrozB22 from United States

    Great easy listening. I’ve been with you guys since 2017. Get on and listen. What ever Gary says GO Oppo lol. Great show fellas.

  • CFB Podcast
    by @mysporttips from Australia

    Great podcast to get your CFB fix!

  • Informative and enjoyable
    by Burl cat from United States

    These guys know there stuff. No they don’t win every game or even claim that. They are real dudes with exceptional football knowledge. Chris goes on a passionate rant about something at least once an episode and Gary keeps it in the middle of the road. Both are needed to make this podcast enjoyable.

  • Talk Show
    by makman94 from United States

    Listened to my first podcast of theirs tonight and I was blown away! Definitely looking forward to more!

  • Great Sports Talk
    by Chris_Craig from United States

    These guys are very entertaining and have great chemistry. They know their stuff. I particularly enjoy their picks. Highly recommend you give these guys a listen.

  • I need this each week
    by Meflewtoo from United States

    Living away from home, this is the best show for me to understand the local pulse of Memphis, SEC, and professional sports throughout the year. Love what Gary and Chris do.

  • Great information
    by PA--SEC Fan from United States

    Great commentary on a broad range of sports.

  • Two local guys talking sec and big sports
    by Fhoobs013 from United States

    Love listening to them. Talk about local stories and sec football.

  • 5 Stars
    by Sixx6Sixx from United States

    This podcast is informative yet entertaining. The hosts are knowledgable yet fun to listen to. Not your typical sports broadcast. 5 stars.

  • doc
    by secalice from United States

    Love college football and really enjoying the fresh and informative broadcast. These guys have a perspective that is not the same old stale stuff repeated over and over on other shows.

  • The Best!
    by michaelwguy from United States

    Amazing podcast! I love listening to it and the hosts are great!

  • So good
    by just sam901 from United States

    Other than my local espn channel, these are the guys I listen to to keep up with all things college football and sports. Super entertaining, funny, and informative.

  • Great
    by Agent double 0 from United States

    Sexy boys making sexy noise!!!!

  • Great show. Great guys.
    by Rescuedj from United States

    Known chris for years. Always informative. Stay tuned!

  • Love Gary and Chris
    by fletchy05 from United States

    These guys have great personalities and interesting takes on the day's hottest sports stories.

  • Great show
    by Fatty061k from United States

    Great very informative show! I'm not a sec fan but I appreciate sports in general!

  • Something New
    by Cookies for Amy from United States

    Gary and Chris are easy to listen to. Great show.

  • Best in the biz
    by Gjdkejcjzsk from United States

    Great chemistry, great topics, I listen daily and couldn't be more proud of these guys

  • Simply the best
    by COC Jason from United States

    Love to listen to these guys

  • Great
    by Tha Naterr from United States

    Good stuff for sure!

  • Great!
    by Lil k ben from United States

    Finally a worthy podcast for the drive home! Keep up the great work fellas!

  • Awesome sauce
    by JordanGloss from United States

    Gary and Chris are awesome to listen to! Keep it up guys!!!

  • Great podcast!
    by coolhandheffer from United States

    I love listening to their picks during football season. Especially the in depth SEC coverage. Great insights.

  • Great hosts, awesome show
    by mcclajb from United States

    Chris and Gary are great hosts, who put on an awesome show. They're normal guys that discuss interesting sports topics in an entertaining way. They give real opinions and don't shy away from controversial issues. I highly recommend their show!

  • WCE: Entertaining As It Is Intelligent!
    by PastorBenW from United States

    Chris & Gary are a trip! You'll love every minute of it. Informative, thought-provoking, intelligent, hilarious & helpful. In a digital world of redundant, sports-themed podcasts, Winning Cures Everything is as fresh & original as it gets. Subscribe now & thank me later!

  • SecondChancesMusic
    by Guitardudelydude from United States

    Great sports talk. I really dig how raw and unscripted it is. Just two passionate guys who know sports talking about what they love. Great work, dudes!

  • Great podcast
    by Jackalope8729 from United States

    These guys are great! Awesome football talk!

  • Awesome sports show!
    by Jeff-pbmo from United States

    Big fan of myself and Chris Giannini. Leave us some reviews and keep listening! Thanks for the support! Don't forget to subscribe!

  • Real guys talking easy to understand sports
    by Dusk44 from United States

    Love these guys. Down to earth and real talk. Fun and unbiased except I think the little fat one in a dang Tennessee fan by the way he talks. Roll Tide Roll fellas.

  • I don't always listen to sports podcasts
    by MadisonSites from United States

    But when I do, I listen to Gary's sultry voice

  • Awesomeness
    by KyleSegars from United States

    Gary and Chris work great together! Their passion for sports just bleeds through with everything they say. They give great information, have well-formed opinions, and are just a fun bunch to listen to. Highly recommended!

  • Love getting feedback
    by CBGiannini from United States

    I have to say, we love getting feedback. This is a show that is evolving everyday and we really enjoy doing it. Thanks for the support and we hope to keep the positive reviews coming in.

  • Great show
    by Terry Brewer from United States

    The hosts have good chemistry and they broadcast live and get in on what the views are talking about great college and pro football broadcast

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