The Daily Roundup: 4/12/16 Stanford Coach Throws Shade & Satellite Camps…

David Shaw, Stanford’s football coach, absolutely went ham on the South yesterday.  When asked about holding Satellite Camps in the SEC region of the country, he said “It doesn’t make sense for us to go hold a camp some place where there might be one person in the entire state that’s eligible to get into Stanford.”

Talk about throwing shade.

Now, while it may come across as kinda funny… it’s a little bit sad to think that he’s one of those guys that talks trash about the uneducated people in the south, in a region that hasn’t put education first, or families and people that have never really had a chance to gain a real education.  He may be right, but for him to say that about the entire South in general is just a shitty way to get his point across.  Especially when he has 17 players on his football team from that region of the country.  I’m sure that statement is going to play across really well with the kids’ families that he tries to recruit (like several southern kids that he already has given scholarship offers to).

Just goes to show that, no matter how smart people may seem, everyone is still dumb enough to speak before thinking about what they’re saying.


The NCAA pushed through, very quickly, a ban on satellite camps, effective immediately.  Which

means that the camps that were supposed to be going on in June are now cancelled for schools that were traveling to other schools.

The SEC is, of course, happy about this, because it stops the Jim Harbaughs and Michigans of the world from coming down and camping out at high schools in their region during a dead period.

But the bad thing about it is that the smaller schools, like an Ohio, or Bowling Green, or Buffalo, who may have given an unheralded kid from the south an opportunity for a scholarship, will now not have a chance to see a kid that didn’t pop up on their radar.  Basically, this hurts the kids, which is who the NCAA is supposed to be helping to begin with.

The best way to fix this issue is to allow the non-power 5 schools to continue to satellite at the bigger schools’ camps.  Like still allowing schools like Kent State or Georgia State to go to Gainesville for a camp at Florida, or to Oxford to camp at Ole Miss, while still keeping the Michigans and Ohio States away from the high schools in Florida, Georgia, etc.  Seems like a reasonable solution that would allow the prospective student athletes a chance to be seen by smaller schools that could offer them a scholarship.
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