Chris and I both won 5 games against the spread in our gambling picks this weekend, which was definitely a good thing.  We knew we liked the lines, and it showed.  There were a few games that didn’t go the way we wanted, but when I go 5-2 and Chris goes 5-3, we all make money, and we’re all happy about it.

The head-to-head continues to go in my favor, as Chris and I picked 6 of 7 games the exact same, but I got the one that mattered, taking the Seahawks -6 at home against the Eagles, taking my total to 4-3 in the big games of the weekend, while Chris went 3-4.  Only one more week in college football before the championship games, and we’re ending the season hot.  Here’s the results from this week…

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7-on-7 Head-to-Head

In head to head on the biggest games of the weekend, as I stated above, we picked 6 of the 7 games the exact same, but I picked the difference making game with the Seahawks covering -6 in Seattle against the Eagles.  The gap continues to widen, and I’m all but assured of winning the head-to-head battle for the year.

11/19Florida @ LSU (-14)LSU -140-1LSU0-1
11/19Washington St @ Colorado (-4.5)Wash St +4.50-2Wash St0-2
11/19Oklahoma (-3) @ West VirginiaWest Va +30-3WV0-3
11/19Okla St @ TCU (-4.5)Okla St +4.51-3Ok St1-3
11/19Missouri @ Tennessee (-14.5)Tenn -14.52-3UT2-3
11/20NFL: Eagles @ Seahawks (-6)Seahawks -63-3Eagles2-4
11/20NFL: Packers @ Redskins (-2.5)Redskins -2.54-3Redskins3-4

College Football gambling picks

I was able to lock up a winning weekend once Vandy took care of Ole Miss, and Chris wrapped his up early once Nebraska and Oklahoma St took care of business.  That makes 8 winning weeks for both Chris and myself.   Chris now sits at 60% on the season, while I’m stuck back at 57%.  Both winners though!

Duke (+7.5) @ Pitt0-1Louisville -14.5 @ Houston0-1
Wash St (+4.5) @ Colorado0-2Memphis -7.5 @ Cincinnati1-1
Ole Miss @ Vandy (+10)1-2Nebraska-13 vs. Maryland2-1
Kansas St (-2) @ Baylor2-2OK St +4 @ TCU3-1
Okla St (+4.5) @ TCU3-2LSU -14 vs. FL3-2

NFL gambling picks

Last week was awful… but we came back strong this week.  Including the 7-on-7, I went 4-0 in my NFL picks, while Chris went 3-2.  Not too shabby.  Hopefully we can attack these lines again next week and start our comeback.

NFL: Steelers (-9) @ Browns1-0NFL: Titans +3 @ Colts0-1
NFL: Jaguars @ Lions (-6.5)2-0NFL: Cowboys -7 @ Ravens1-1
NFL: Steelers -9 @ Browns2-1

SEC Fantasy picks

We’re down to one more week… and I finally broke through and evened things up against Chris, as far as wins and losses are concerned (6-6).  I’ve won 3 of the last 4, and I need to win the last one to win the season series.  Regarding points, I’m sitting at 808.48 while Chris is at 727.52.  Luckily for Chris, this is setup like the electoral college – doesn’t matter what the overall score is, just the number of weeks you win.

Week 12Gary6-6Chris6-6
QBJake Bentley SC10.76UGA Jacob Eason12.6
RBNick Chubb GA27.7UK Boom Williams10.7
WRFred Ross Miss St29.1A&M Josh Reynolds15.3
Defense/STAlabama13Ole Miss4