Things are definitely rolling right now.  If you’ve kept up with us, things were rough early on, but we’ve gotten it turned around in college football.  Both of us have been pretty weak in NFL gambling picks, but we’re both well over 50% in CFB bets.

The end of the year is always a little crazy.  The lines get much more difficult to figure out, because every team pretty much has an identity, and Vegas knows what they are by this point.  So there are not as many lines that just look completely off.

Here’s what we did this weekend…

7-on-7 Head-to-Head

In head to head, I FINALLY got back above .500 on my picks in the biggest games of the weekend against the spread.  I’m not sitting at 33-30-2.  If these were just straight up picks, we’d both be doing significantly better… but, like we said, this is against the spread.  I rallied to a 5-2 week while Chris struggled to a 2-5 week.

Washington (-10) @ UtahUtah (+10)1-0Utah +101-0
Nebraska @ Wisconsin (-9)Neb (+9)2-0Wisc -91-1
Clemson (-4) @ Florida StFla St (+4)3-0Fl St +42-1
West Virginia (-4) @ Okla StWV (-4)3-1WV -42-2
Georgia @ Florida (-7.5)Georgia (+7.5)3-2UGA +7.52-3
NFL: Packers @ Falcons (-3)Packers (+3)4-2FALCONS -32-4
NFL: Eagles @ Cowboys (-4.5)Cowboys (-4.5)5-2Eagles +4.52-5

College Football gambling picks

In College Football, I’ve now gone 6 out of 9 weeks with a winning record (that’s at least 3-2 or better), which has put me at 25-18-2.  Chris has done the same thing and gotten himself to a 19-13-1 record.   

Northwestern (+27) @ Ohio St1-0Wash St. -13 @ Oregon St0-1
Auburn (-4) @ Ole Miss2-0S. Car +13.5 vs UT1-1
Washington @ Utah (+10)3-0Ole Miss +4.5 vs Auburn1-2
Michigan (-23.5) @ Mich St3-1
Wash St (-13) @ Oregon St3-2

NFL gambling picks

The NFL is always good at throwing us a few curveballs.  There are so many teams now that have mediocre QBs that may play amazing one week, and then look like crap the next.  This week was more of the same.

NFL: Lions (+3) @ Texans0-1NFL: Chargers +5 @ Broncos0-1
NFL: Redskins (+3) vs Bengals (London)1-1NFL: Chiefs -3 @ Colts1-1
NFL: Bengals -3 vs Skins1-2
NFL: Pats -6.5 @ Bills2-2

SEC Fantasy picks

I finally broke Chris’s streak of 4 straight wins over me.  For now, it stands 5-4 Chris, with only 4 weeks left to play.  We’re rapidly running out of players to play (our rule is that you can’t play the same guy twice in the season), but we’ll be able to make it through the end of the year, since there are 14 SEC teams, and only 13 Weeks in the regular season.  Hopefully I can get on a roll here.  I need to win 3 of the next 4 in order to win for the season.

Week 9Gary4-5Chris5-4
QBTX A&M Trevor Knight16.46Stephen Johnson UK14.62
RBAU K. Pettway29.6Jordan Scarlett FL15.3
WRKY J. Badet16.3Christian Kirk A&M9.6
Defense/STTennessee15MS State16