Where did we go so wrong?  This wasn’t our best weekend, by any means.  Chris and I both did terribly on our gambling picks.  But, we are at least getting a feel for what these teams are.  We’ll be doing our first College Football ranking after this weekend – because there’s literally no reason to rank teams (other than for pageviews) until after the 3rd week of the season, once you’ve seen what they really are.

For the first time since 2004, there was not a single matchup between ranked teams… but there were still games worth watching.  The VaTech vs Tennessee game was definitely a site to behold, but the only drama was when VaTech went up 14-0 in the first quarter, before they started playing butter fingers and gave up 5 fumbles en route to a 45-3 run for Tennessee.  Arkansas and TCU was a fantastic game to watch, the Boise St vs Washington St game was awesome, Texas Tech and Arizona St played ping pong, as we predicted, and the SEC bounced back enough to have 8 teams ranked in the AP Poll this week, even though, after Alabama at one, there’s not another SEC team ranked until #15 (Georgia, who escaped Nicholls St with a 26-24 win).

So here’s how we fared…

Gary vs Chris: Head to Head

I really bounced back on the head to head picks.  Chris… not so much.  We really don’t have these SEC teams figured out at all, but we’re gaining a general knowledge of the overall landscape, and that’s going to serve us well in the coming weeks.  I look for this coming weekend to show a much bigger improvement.

NFL: Carolina (-3.5) @ DenverCarolina0-1Carolina0-1
Tennessee (-10) vs VaTechTenn1-1VaTech0-2
Arkansas @ TCU (-7.5)Arkansas2-1TCU0-3
Penn St @ Pitt (-6)Penn St3-1Pitt0-4
Kentucky @ Florida (-17)Kentucky3-2Kentucky0-5
South Carolina @ Miss St (-7)S Carolina3-3S Carolina0-6
Washington St @ Boise St (-12)Wash St4-3Wash St1-6

College Gambling favorites

 Whew.  Last week, after we both started 4-1 on the season, we both went the wrong way with losing weeks this go round. There’s not much to say other than, we’re sorry, and we’re going 5-0 this weekend.

9/9Louisville (-14.5) 62 @ Syracuse 281-0Louisville (-14.5) 62 @ Syracuse 281-0
9/10Wake Forest 24 @ Duke (-5) 141-1Cinci (-6.5) 38 @ Purdue 202-0
9/10Kentucky (+17) 7 @ Florida 451-2Kentucky (+17) 7 @ Florida 452-1
9/10Virginia 26 @ Oregon (-24.5) 441-3Central Mich 30 @ Oklahoma St (-21) 272-2
9/10South Carolina (+7) 14 @ Miss St 271-4South Carolina (+7) 14 @ Miss St 272-3

NFL Gambling favorites

This was excruciating for Chris.  He prides himself on his NFL knowledge, but things definitely did not go so well in his picks on the opening weekend.  Both of us went with our hearts rather than our brains on a couple of picks, but we won’t be making that mistake again.

Miami 10 (+10.5) @ Seattle 121-0Oakland 35 @ New Orleans 34 (-1)0-1
Minnesota 25 @ Tennessee (+2) 161-1Cinci 23 (-2.5) @ NY Jets 220-2
Cleveland 10 (+4) @ Philadelphia 291-2Cleveland 10 (+4) @ Philadelphia 290-3
Green Bay 27 (-5) @ Jacksonville 231-3San Diego 27 (+7) @ Kansas City 331-3
NY Giants 20 @ Dallas 19 (+1)1-3-1Buffalo 7 (+3) @ Baltimore 131-4

SEC Fantasy picks

Again, I (Gary) came out on top.  Chris’s biggest problem through 2 weeks has been picking guys that haven’t gotten in the game, or gotten a stat line in the game.  This week, it was Brandon Harris from LSU, who only threw 4 passes because LSU has officially made a change at QB (finally).  His running back this week, Nick Chubb from UGA, also did not have as many touches as usual (since they were playing Nicholls St).  I am now 2-0 on the season in our SEC fantasy picks.  And I’m pretty pumped about it.

Week 2GaryChris
QBFL Luke Del Rio27.3LSU Brandon Harris0.32
RBAR Rawleigh Williams III13.7UGA Nick Chubb15.2
WROle Miss Evan Engram4.3AL Ardarius Stewart16.2