Things looked significantly better this weekend on the picking front, although we’re still working to figure a few things out.  The gambling picks were MUCH better, but still a ways to go.

College Football is incredibly fickle – things change so quickly for teams and you have to be able to catch up on the fly.  And that’s what we attempted to do – change on the fly.  We’re figuring out which teams are good and which ones are not.  In the past, that’s been the best way to roll – bet against the bad teams.  So in the middle of the year, look for that to start happening here.  For now, here’s where we stand…

7-on-7: Gary vs Chris head to head

The Cinci and Bama games were there for the taking for me, but Chris lucked out and caught the late covers on both games.  And the Vikings / Packers game — are you kidding me?  AP goes out with a knee injury, and Sam Bradford is the hero?  Ridiculous.  Chris grabs this week with a 5-2 overall record, but I still hold the overall advantage at 10-12-1 to 8-14-1.

Houston (-8.5) @ CinciCinci +8.50-1Houston -8.51-0
Alabama (-11) @ Ole MissAlabama -110-2Ole Miss +112-0
Florida St (-2.5) @ LouisvilleLouisville +2.51-2Louisville +2.53-0
Mich St @ Notre Dame (-7.5)Notre Dame -7.51-3Mich St +7.54-0
Ohio St (-2) @ OklahomaOhio St -22-3Oklahoma +24-1
NFL: Cinci @ Pitt (-3.5)Steelers -3.53-3Bengals +3.54-2
NFL: Green Bay (-2.5) @ MinnesotaPackers -2.53-4Vikings +2.55-2

CFB gambling favorites

 Gary                                                                  Chris

Florida St 20 @ Louisville 63 (+2.5) $$1-0Oregon 32 (+3) @ Nebraska 350-0-1
Texas A&M 29 (+3.5) $$ @ Auburn 162-0Michigan St. 36 (+7.5) @ ND 281-0-1
Kansas 7 (+20) @ Memphis 432-1Oklahoma 24 (+3) vs. Ohio St 421-1-1
Ohio 19 (+27.5) @ Tennessee 283-1Ohio 19 (+27.5) @ UT 282-1-1
Idaho 6 @ Wash St (-25.5) 564-1Duke 13 (+6.5) @ Northwestern 242-2-1

So far, I’m up 9-6 on the season in my 15 college football gambling picks, while Chris is sitting at 8-6-1, so we’re pretty even on this one.  Once we start figuring out which teams are the worst, this percentage will go up much more.

NFL gambling favorites

NFL: Dallas 27 (+2.5) @ Washington 231-0NFL: Jets 37 (-1) @ Bills 311-0
NFL: San Fran 27 (+13.5) @ Carolina 431-1NFL: Colts 20 @ Broncos 34 (-6)2-0

Chris is the big NFL gambler, so it would make sense for him to knock his 2 picks out of the park.  I thought we had the 49ers cover when they cut the Carolina lead to 34-27 with about 7 minutes left in the game, but after a field goal and a turnover which led to a quick TD, we got caught.  Currently, I’m sitting at 2-4-1 in NFL, while Chris is at 3-4.  Last week killed us, but we’ll pick this percentage up as well.

SEC Fantasy picks   

After jumping out and grabbing the last 2 weeks in SEC fantasy football, Chris grabbed this week’s after I had a bad week from Jalen Hurd, and he had an all-world performance with Isaiah McKenzie from UGA, who had 2 receiving TDs and a rushing TD, and a ton of yardage.  So far, I’m leading this one 2 weeks to 1.

Week 3GaryChris
QBAR Austin Allen19.14AU Sean White4.84
RBUT Jalen Hurd12.1AR RW324.1
WRAL Calvin Ridley14.3UGA Isaiah McKenzie32.1