The only 13 College Football teams that can win the 2016 National Championship

College football prowess is based on recruiting.  Top 10 recruiting classes, to be exact.

Since 1996, there’s only been one team to win a national championship without having at least 2 Top 10 recruiting classes in the 4 years leading up to their national championship.  That was Bob Stoops’ 2000 Oklahoma team, who had 3 Top 25 classes, but no Top 10 classes. 

There are only 13 teams that, according to recent history, can win the 2016 National Championship.  There’s been a ton of articles about this fact.  If you’re looking for futures bets, this is the way to look into it.  If you want to bet on the other 12 teams listed, that’s on you.  But you’ll be betting on something that’s only happened one time in 20 years.  That’s it…

According to, this is the odds for this year’s national championship.  The teams in green are the ones that match our criteria.

Alabama 6/1
Clemson 7/1
Oklahoma 7/1
Ohio State 8/1
Michigan 10/1
Florida State 12/1
LSU 12/1
Baylor 14/1
Tennessee 14/1
Notre Dame 18/1
Stanford 27/1
Michigan State 28/1
Ole Miss 30/1

Georgia            33/1
UCLA               33/1
Auburn            35/1
TCU                  35/1
Oregon              50/1
USC                  50/1
Washington       50/1
Florida             55/1
Oklahoma State 60/1
Houston             75/1
Louisville          80/1
Utah                   85/1

Now, to break this down, there are 7 from the SEC, 2 from the ACC, 2 from the Big 10, 1 Pac 12 and 1 independent.  Let’s break these down by strength of schedule.  One way to look at this is picking the teams with the easiest road.  The other way to look is to see who has the most difficult schedule, because they can afford a loss somewhere early in the season, like Alabama last year and Ohio St the year before that.

Ole Miss 2
Florida St 3
Alabama 5
Auburn 11
Georgia 16
Ohio St 31
Clemson 34
Tennessee 35
Notre Dame 48
Florida 49
Michigan 65

Now, let’s look at who all plays each other.

24-Sep at Auburn
8-Oct at Florida
22-Oct Ole Miss
5-Nov Alabama
Florida St
5-Sep Ole Miss (neutral site)
29-Oct Clemson
26-Nov Florida
3-Sep at Auburn
29-Oct at Florida St
24-Sep Florida
1-Oct at Georgia
15-Oct Alabama
3-Sep USC (neutral site)
17-Sep at Ole Miss
15-Oct at Tennessee
5-Nov at LSU
26-Nov Auburn
Ole Miss
5-Sep Florida St (neutral site)
17-Sep Alabama
24-Sep Georgia
22-Oct at LSU
29-Oct Auburn
3-Sep Alabama (neutral site)
26-Nov Notre Dame
24-Sep at Ole Miss
1-Oct Tennessee
29-Oct Florida (neutral site)
12-Nov Auburn
26-Nov at Ohio St
Notre Dame
26-Nov at USC
Ohio St
26-Nov Michigan
3-Sep Clemson
24-Sep LSU
29-Oct at Ole Miss
12-Nov at Georgia
26-Nov at Alabama
24-Sep at Tennessee
8-Oct LSU
29-Oct Georgia
26-Nov at Florida St

That’s a lot of games between the 13 teams with the best chance to win the national title.  As we go through the season, you’ll want to keep an eye on the teams’ odds that may jump up.  After Alabama’s loss to Ole Miss last season, I took a futures bet on Alabama to win the national championship at +2200, when they were only +300 the week before.

We’ll dive into each team more at some point next week.

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