I’m planning on starting a new thing where, every few days, I give you a heads up on all of the things that you should know about.  Great articles, podcasts, what you should watch on TV, ladies you should be following, and the .

There are more things that we may end up adding, but it’s a quick little blog post to keep you up to date on what you should be paying attention to.

Articles You Should Read:

These are a few days old, but Dan Wetzel has been at the Aaron Hernandez murder trial #2 in Boston, MA and his latest articles last week detail a strained relationship between Hernandez and a former drug trafficker named Alexander Bradley, who is the state’s star witness against Hernandez.  The reason Bradley is testifying against Hernandez in the drive-by shooting of 2 people after a run-in at a Boston night club, even though they used to be best friends, is because Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley between the eyes, left him for dead, AND HE SURVIVED.  Good lord.  Also, Wetzel uses the phrase “bonded by evenings of bottles and blunts…”

Article 1: Fractured friendship of Aaron Hernandez and a gangster played out in bone-chilling court scene

Article 2: A deleted text message from vengeful gangster may get Aaron Hernandez off hook for double murder

Podcast You Should Listen To:

Chris Vernon had ESPN’s Jeff Goodman in-studio with him (inside FedEx Forum) on Thursday’s show and they discussed an awesome story about how Butler coach Chris Holtmann ended up with the Butler job.  Incredible story telling, and some good NCAA Tourney talk.


What You Should Watch Tonight:

Since it’s Friday night, we’re not just talking about tonight – this is what you should be watching all weekend.  Tonight, you’ve got 4 Sweet 16 games (Butler / UNC, South Carolina / Baylor, UCLA / Kentucky, and Wisc / Florida).  Saturday you’ve got 2 Elite Eight games (Xavier / Gonzaga, Oregon / Kansas), and then 2 more on Sunday (between the winners of the games tonight).  The whole tournament has been awesome so far (3 games last night were decided by 3 points or less), so there’s no reason why these shouldn’t be.  Also – I went 3-1 against the spread last night.  Check out my picks for tonight.

Watch it on CBS / TBS, or online here: http://www.ncaa.com/march-madness-live

Attractive Woman of the Day:

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Countdown to College Football: