I woke up this Tuesday morning, after watching a strange and crazy national championship game, and was anxious to hear what actual professional sports writers and analysts had to say about the North Carolina / Gonzaga game (or the tournament, as a whole) since Gary and I broke it down last night immediately after the game.As I went through my morning routine of trying to help my wife get the kids ready and them off to school and I finally take ownership of the television once again I find that “Breaking news” has completely overshadowed UNC and their championship run. Tony Romo is going to retire from football and go into the booth to call games.

As I went through my morning routine of trying to help my wife get the kids ready and off to school, I finally took ownership of the television again and I found that “BREAKING NEWS” has completely overshadowed UNC and their championship run:

Tony Romo is retiring from football, and is going into the booth to call games as an analyst. 

This bothered me.

I’ve tried giving Romo the benefit of the doubt, because he seems like a decent guy, but then I remember what the great Dr. Cox (from the show Scrubs) teaches us about people.

“They are all bastard covered bastards with bastard filling.”

Knowing that, I think Tony coming out today with this news is a total “D” move. He’s had months to think about and plan this move. And it’s not like the season is starting next week and we needed this information immediately. Why did it come out today?

Because he’s a trolling Duke fan and he just watched his most hated rival win another national championship after being in the finals last year.

Do I think Tony will be good on TV? Sure I do, but breaking this information today, just after the Tar Heels have become the talk of the sports world, is totally selfish and could only come from a Duke fan. I understand it’s becoming cliché to hate on Duke, but give me a reason not to?

Duke’s Coach K plays the exact same games as Coach Cal, being in bed with the AAU and selling his soul to the one-&-done players.  Yet Cal is looked at like he’s the anti-Christ, and K is an angel who can do no wrong. They are the same guy. The difference is one doesn’t act like he’s better than everyone else. He knows the game he plays and owns it. The other parades around pretending to be something he’s not. (Now, tell me, which one would the actual anti-Christ do?)

But I digress… Romo, when healthy was a very good quarterback in the league. He came from out of nowhere as an undrafted free agent and became a diamond in the rough. I’ve spent my life making fun of the Cowboys, and Romo has been the butt of a lot of those jokes. But he’s one of the few Cowboy players I respected and, in the past few years, actually felt bad for. Today I don’t. The news that broke today could have been broken Friday, or even tomorrow, to give the newly crowned National Champion Tar Heels an opportunity to be recognized.

I will chalk it up to petty jealousy as his beloved Dukies got knocked out prematurely once again.

A lot like Tony’s playing career.