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We’re officially at the end of the last month without football, and there’s a ton of stuff to go over. Gary and Chris jump into The Blurbs to start things off:

– Bret Bielema is a ‘Consultant to the Head Coach’ for the Patriots. What?
– Jalen Hurts told Nick Saban he’s going to stay at Alabama this year
– Arizona QB Khalil Tate helped land Kevin Sumlin at Arizona
– Danny Green says Spurs medical team missed his torn groin. Does this give Kawhi a little more credit?
– A man exercised naked at Planet Fitness…

The guys then jump into their SEC West Preview and Precitions, including their projected records for every team in the division.

In this week’s “The Ranking” the guys rank the Top 10 Active College Football Coaches not named Saban, Meyer, or Dabo. There’s some pretty interesting debate that ensues over who is really a top 10 coach and who is not.

Gary’s song of the week comes from Eric Church this week.

Gary’s hot takes tackles the subject of whether or not every game matters in college football, and Chris jumps in to discuss the Boston Red Sox, who sit with the best record in Major League Baseball right now.

To close the show, this week’s “Fact or Fiction” discusses the current climate around conferences’ television contracts, focusing on the Big Ten Network and the AAC’s upcoming broadcast rights negotiations.


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