WCE 232: College Football Week 3 recap, NFL Week 2 recap

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Gary and Chris had to do episode 232 remotely this week, as Chris was in Boston, and Gary was in lower Alabama for the weekend. Regardless, the recaps were completed!

College Football Week 3 recap:
– LSU is awesome?! Didn’t see that coming this season.
– Who’s more disappointing – Willie Taggart at Florida St, or Chip Kelly at UCLA?
– Other than Ohio St, the Big 10 sucked last week.
– ..so did the Pac-12, just not as bad.
– The Big 12, however, had some good wins.
– North Texas dominated Arkansas… but should that fake fair catch play be legal?
– Boston College looks legit
– Alabama stomped Ole Miss 62-7… and this Tua stat is just absurd.
– Memphis RB Darrell Henderson leads the country in rushing yards… but, seriously, he’s averaging how many yards per carry?!

NFL Week 2 recap:
– Pat Mahomes, of the Chiefs, is freaking incredible.
– So is the Bucs’ Ryan Fitzpatrick.
– A Bills player retired at halftime this week.
– Minnesota tied Green Bay… but cut their kicker and signed Dan Bailey
– Which 0-2 team can still make the playoffs?
– How did the Titans beat the Texans?
– Blake Bortles whipped the Patriots.
– Rams defense has been unbelievable… but are they a product of playing awful teams?
– Falcons scored in the red zone!

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