Gary and Chris discuss Conor McGregor’s return against Khabib in October, and Nate Diaz’s reaction to the announcement at the UFC 25th anniversary press conference.

McGregor is BACK.

His first fight back will be UFC 229 on Oct 6th vs Khabib Nurmagomedov in Las Vegas for the lightweight title.

The fight was announced at the UFC 25th anniversary press conference last Friday, immediately after Nate Diaz’s return was announced for Nov 3rd at Madison Square Garden against Dustin Porier as a non-headline fight.

Diaz was late for the press conference, didn’t say much, and during the promo video announcing McGregor vs Khabib, Diaz stormed off the stage and left the event.

He tweeted “I’m not fighting on that show f*** the ufc.”

People interviewed him outside and he told them that UFC better start treating him right – they better start promoting him right, and he said that they picked him up late for the press conference.

Does Diaz have a point, after being involved in 2 of the biggest PPV fights in MMA history?

Back to McGregor – We talked about this back in February… how many casual UFC fans knew who Khabib was before McGregor threw that dolly at the bus inside Barclays?

Dana White called it the most disgusting act in the history of the UFC.

I said it was a stunt gone overboard, because they had to find a way to hype Khabib up and make his name known to the casual fans so that McGregor would have a fight worth coming back for.

Now, Dana White is calling it the biggest MMA fight in history, and they’re using clips from that “disgusting” incident as promo for the actual fight. It’s basically WWE.

With Diaz and McGregor back fighting – if Diaz actually fights – is UFC officially back?