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We moved the Winning Cures Everything website to a new host at the beginning of February this year, and we’ve continued to experiment with making it the best possible website it can be.

Since then, we have grown exponentially, and I cannot thank you guys enough for that.

We are now 9 months into this thing, so we wanted to give you an idea of where our traffic is coming from.

We will start doing this every month, and we’ll do a year long version in January, to show you what our last year has been like.

These are the 4 things we will show you on this:

  • Top 25 Cities that have visited the website
  • Our Top 10 Most Read Articles
  • Top 25 Cities that listen to the podcast
  • Our Top 5 Most Listened-To Podcasts

Top Cities for the Website

1. Atlanta, GA
2. Memphis, TN
3. Hattiesburg, MS
4. Jackson, MS
5. Starkville, MS
6. Dallas, TX
7. Madison, MS
8. Tupelo, MS
9. Olive Branch, MS
10. Nashville, TN
11. Houston, TX
12. Little Rock, AR
13. Birmingham, AL
14. Oxford, MS
15. Flowood, MS
16. New York, NY
17. New Orleans, LA
18. Meridian, MS
19. Ridgeland, MS
20. Chicago, IL
21. Fayetteville, AR
22. Washington, DC
23. Knoxville, TN
24. Pearl, MS
25. Huntsville, AL

Atlanta has been our biggest market for quite some time, barely squeaking by Memphis.

Hattiesburg, MS is a surprise, just because of the fact that the city size is not that big, but with our Ole Miss / NCAA / Houston Nutt stories, it makes a little more sense.

We are hitting in some bigger markets though – Dallas, Nashville, Houston, Little Rock, Birmingham, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington DC, etc.  That’s always a good thing.


Top Cities for the Podcast

1. Madison, AL
2. Memphis, TN
3. Huntsville, AL
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Harvest, AL
6. Brandon, MS
7. Starkville, MS
8. Los Angeles, CA
9. Louisville, MS
10. Ridgeland, MS
11. Olive Branch, MS
12. Madison, MS
13. Jackson, MS
14. Little Rock, AR
15. Mooresville, NC
16. Birmingham, AL
17. Mountain View, CA
18. Tupelo, MS
19. Ashburn, VA
20. San Jose, CA
21. Overland Park, KS
22. Orlando, FL
23. Woodbridge, VA
24. Dallas, TX
25. Denver, CO

Quite a different list than who is hitting the website the most.  I appreciate everyone listening in Madison, AL – which is just outside of Huntsville, AL.  Big Mississippi St alumni base there.

Still a lot of Mississippi and Alabama, but we’ve got more California in this, along with Orlando, Dallas, and Denver rounding out the top 25.

There really are SEC & College Football fans just about everywhere.


Top 10 Most Read Articles for Oct 2017

#1. 10/17: Ole Miss settles with / apologizes to Houston Nutt. Now what?
#2. 09/23: Rutgers compared to Ole Miss, and why the NCAA might delay release of sanctions
#3. 07/10: Memphis Tigers: 2017 College Football Season Predictions
#4. 10/27: Could upcoming ESPN layoffs help Tennessee land Gruden?
#5. 10/25: 6 Reasons why Tennessee has not fired Butch Jones
#6. 04/19: Will Cain is ESPN’s Right-Wing Response to Liberal Allegations
#7. 10/20: Memphis comeback over Houston sets up endless possibilities
#8. 09/20: Ole Miss vs NCAA: Sworn Affidavit claims Freeze used Burner Phones for Recruits
#9. 10/26: GET THAT MONEY: CFB & NFL gambling picks (10/26/17)
#10. 10/15: Gary’s College Football Week 7 Rewind: Top 10, SEC Rankings, Hot Seat, Hot Coaches, etc.


Top 5 Most Listened-To Podcasts for Oct 2017

  1. Podcast 151: 10.25.17 / Gary Parrish (of CBS Sports) interview
  2. Podcast 148: 10.19.17 / Josh Parcell (CFBCountry.com) and GET THAT MONEY gambling picks
  3. Podcast 140: 10.03.17 / CFB Week 5 Recap
  4. Podcast 146: 10.17.17 / Ole Miss settles with Nutt, CFB Week 7 Recap
  5. Podcast 142: 10.05.17 / GET THAT MONEY! CFB and NFL gambling picks