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On Friday’s show, Chris & Gary dive into the Friday Five, which includes college football picks and NFL preseason football, before diving into McGregor/Mayweather and what the Kyrie Irving trade to Boston means for the Cavs and Celtics.

[1:30] Oregon St (+4) @ Colorado St

[2:45] Hawaii (+2) @ UMass

[4:05] South Florida (-21.5) @ San Jose St

[5:35] Rice (+30.5) vs Stanford (in Sydney, AU)

[6:44] NFL Pre-season QB Races (Kizer in Cleveland, Henne in Jax?)

[11:20] Mayweather / McGregor betting lines & the money being wagered on them in Las Vegas

[21:39] Who wins Mayweather / McGregor? Our Picks

[26:45] Chris gets passionate about Kyrie Irving & Isaiah Thomas trade

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