Bruse Loyd, Barney Farrar’s attorney, stated in an interview with us this morning,”Barney was sacrificed at the alter of the SEC West.”

We were lucky enough to have Bruse Loyd, attorney for former Ole Miss staffer Barney Farrar, on the podcast with us, and he had some interesting things to say.  For the full interview, listen here: Podcast 95 | Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.

Loyd on whether Barney’s representation is moving towards a civil lawsuit either against Ole Miss or the NCAA:

I am unaware of any reason why Barney would file a lawsuit against the NCAA or Ole Miss at this time…

On whether Barney was placed on administrative leave or was asked to resign:

That’s the first I’ve heard that he was asked to resign.  Really, when my antenna went up was when he was, I guess, suspended at some point in November.  He and I started getting in contact around that time, and when he was terminated in December, well, of course, that was the time when I became even further concerned…

On Farrar being the only staffer that Ole Miss singled out:

I’m not privy to why those decisions were made.  I can speculate that it was because Barney’s charge was far more than any of the other assistants…

On what the difference between the case on Farrar and Louisville’s Andre McGee:

My understanding is that Andrew McGee failed to participate fully in the investigation.  I remember having read an article that there was a cell phone that the NCAA wanted turned over, that he failed to turn over… My understanding is that if you take that course of action, then you’re gonna get the max show cause…  If you’ve got 4 Level I’s and those are sustained, it’s not good.

On the Rebel Rags case and what it could mean:

I anticipate the NCAA process will be done by the time this lawsuit even hits its stride… I’m wildly curious about where this is going to go… I’ve expressed to those who have listened to me that this is a monumental move in NCAA infraction matters.  I’ve never heard of witnesses in a case being sued… It’s groundbreaking… Where I first heard of (Rebel Rags attorney) Charles Markel Jr was a book called “Fall of the House of Zeus” about Dicky Skruggs (former tobacco lawyer in Mississippi)… when I see those men on the pleadings, I would not want to be on the receiving end of Charles Merkel Jr, based on what I’ve read of his trial ability…

On why Farrar does not have issues with Coach Freeze or Ole Miss:

This is not what the University of Mississippi is about… There’s no reason to criticize Ole Miss.  However, we do believe that persons that have been put in a position of power, and are associated with the University… I call them the decision makers, the powers that be, and the cynical few, I don’t know if it’s consultants or lawyers, I don’t know if it’s an AD or Chancellor… it is my belief, and it is Barney’s belief, that it was not Coach Freeze [who threw Farrar under the bus]…

On the idea of scapegoats being paid off to cooperate with schools’ strategy:

What’s funny is that the school, Barney, and Coach Freeze have the exact same strategy… after the briefing process, I had no communication with any of them.  Maybe 1 e-mail. [Is that normal?] No, it’s not normal… I didn’t want a plan.  I didn’t want for Barney a deal.  What I asked for was “Please, sir, could you, please, just pay Barney’s attorney fees through this process, through the hearing, so we can have an adequate defense… 

There’s a lot more in the full 30+ minute interview.  Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire conversation here: Podcast 95 | Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.


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